about the driving course

The John P. Rock, Inc. Defensive Driving Programs

The following topics are covered:

Causes of crashes
• Human Error
• Distractions
• Complacency
• Impairment

Legal Impact
• Criminal Liability
• Civil Liability • Vicarious Liability
• State & Federal Laws
Vehicle Dynamics
• Reaction Time
• Road Surfaces & Traction
• Braking
• Speed
• Stopping Distances

Cell Phones

Seat Belts

Driving Session
• The driving session is conducted on a specially designed obstacle course at your facility.

Certificates issued upon request.

Students are able to practice learned techniques through a specially designed obstacle course that complements the classroom sessions.

Programs can be tailored to suit specific needs.

Friction Traction
defensive driving classroom training
defensive driving classroom training
defensive driving classroom training
defensive driving classroom training

Did You Know?

Under “Vicarious Liability” a supervisor or manager can be held criminally liable for the actions of an employee who violates the law while driving a company-owned vehicle. If an employee receives a DUI or “Homicide by Vehicle” conviction, and a supervisor was aware of the employee's impaired condition, that supervisor will receive the same penalty as the culpable employee.

If an employee informs a supervisor that a vehicle is unsafe to operate, and that supervisors fails to rectify the problem, the employee will be indemnified if convicted of a violation, and the supervisor will be held responsible.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse!” Drivers must know the laws that pertain to them. Several sections of the State Vehicle Code that will be discussed during the course apply to drivers in both professional and personal capacities.

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